“Kiss me,” Jennifer said. She was bound to the mast of the sailboat, her ankles and wrists crisscrossed with rope.

“No,” Jack said, walking away.

‘What the hell?’ Jennifer thought, stiffening.

They’d played pirate a lot during this trip. Ridiculous things mostly, fake sword fighting, saying arrrggghhh at every opportunity, but this was serious—she was tied up, his captive, the loser in a knot-tying contest.

It was silly, letting him do such a stupid thing to her at her age, but the feel of the rough rope on her oiled skin, and the sight of the eager erection poking from Jack’s swimsuit sent shivers of lust through her. Her nipples, under a very sensible swimsuit, rose into tight buds of excitement.

Jack had never tied her up before. She’d thought he’d been into it, until he left.

“Oh, god,” she moaned, panic replacing pleasure. She prayed he’d be back fast so she could let him have it for being such an ass.

“I like it when you call me God,” Jennifer could almost hear Jack say in that arrogant tone of his. She closed her eyes, imagining him returning to her. He’d snuggle the swelled pout of her cunt into his palm.

He’d have a knife in his teeth.

Her skin burned. Sun and lust made her tingle all over.

Jennifer flexed her fingers, the fantasy dissolving. Her arms were going to sleep. Great. Where was he? It was typical of Jack to waste the promising moment. What if he didn’t come back? What if he’d slipped, fallen, whacked his head, and now lay dying in a pool of blood? She’d fry out here. No, she thought, long before she’d die from heat stroke, the lack of water would get her.

This was ridiculous. He’d be back. He’d untie her. Maybe they’d play a nice game of chess under the sunshade and have lunch before heading in.

Jennifer licked a beaded droplet of sweat from her upper lip, her mind wandering.

They never played games like this at home. Jack always said their marriage was practical, like them—sensible and no-nonsense. Jennifer had talked about someday running for public office but had ended up a mom and a wife instead, happily for the most part. Jack had climbed the ladder at his law firm and now sat perched on the comfortable rung of a senior partnership.

They loved one another in a cozy, quiet way, like most married people who’ve been together forever, who had kids and other priorities. Sex had always been decent, if not earth shattering.

Jennifer pushed those thoughts away and imagined her husband again with a knife clenched in his teeth. His normally conservative hair was longer, minus the spreading bald-spot in the back. He was naked now. She gave him a better body while she was at it, gently muscled with one of those six-pack stomachs. Jack was in good shape for his age, but it was her fantasy so why not live it up?



jen said...


I don't know. This was different. Funny in parts, light but with a really sad message in the end about married people who don't talk. It left me feeling sorry for her. But, I liked the pirates and when she took charge of her husband with the knife.


Zander said...


You caught me. This IS different. I wrote it for a contest (knowing they prefer porn, even though they say they want erotica). Adrift is the closest to porn I've written, though I found I had to give it something more than the sex, hence the backstory of the sexually frustrated wife and her fantasies that remain (sadly) unshared with her rather assholish sounding husband.

I am glad you liked parts. So did I, which is why I posted it here. Thanks for commenting.


Cornell said...

I thought it was delightful! I don't agree that it had a "...sad messaage..." It's a STORY, for Pete's sake, about a woman who has a rich fantasy life. (I wish mine was as much fun.)

Z. Vyne said...


Thanks for commenting! I always like hearing from readers.

I think this is one of those stories that can be read in many ways (and I kind of like that). So, I am glad you took away words you enjoyed. Thanks for letting me know.


Charlotte said...

I loved this piece of writing, so descriptive and beautiful.


Z. Vyne said...


I'm pleased you enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know.


oatmeal girl said...

Interesting, your mention of pushing to write porn when that's not what you usually do. I'm generally more interested in the tension, the atmosphere, the interactions, the build-up. The actual sex bits, while great to experience, are boring to write. For me, anyway.

But the sadist wants them, and was getting pissed off when I stopped short of the explicit stuff. And since you could call him my patron (among other things), I have to give him what he wants. So when writing for him, I force myself to spell it all out. Good old arousing porn.

It does the job. But it's still rather a chore.

Z. Vyne said...


I like to push my own envelopes as often as possible. I'm a writing geek - I love writing in voices that are not mine, in styles that are new and in ways I never have. Some of my best work has come this way.

Still, this story is more porn than not. More sex than ever. But, hey...that may be a good thing!

Thanks for reading with me,